5 Things to Watch Instead of the Inauguration

If you live in the United States, as I do, then you know that today, Trump will be sworn in as POTUS. First of all, watching new people get sworn in is kind of boring. Second of all, I’m probably going to get a lot of angry haters in the comments for saying this, but Trump is, in my opinion, one of the worst people we could possibly have as president. If you are like me and would want to watch other things today, consider…

5. Outrageous Acts of Science–Discovery Science

On Discovery Science, this will be on later in the inauguration, but it’s worth a watch. As the title implies, they show unusual, scientific events (natural or manmade, but usually manmade) caught on camera.

4. Animal Planet–Too Cute

“Too Cute” is a show that follows the journeys of adorable puppies and kittens from the time they’re born to the time they find their new homes. Today, there is a marathon from 6 AM to 4 pm. Count me in!

3. Comedy Central–South Park


South Park will come on at 11:25 am, and will be on pretty much all day.

2. Learn about Man’s Best Friend on Youtube with the Dogs 101 Playlist

1. Learn about the things that will kill you. 


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