Questions I Like to Ask

__Who thought of the first hug?

__Is the grass really greener on the other side, or do I just need new glasses?

__If the grass really is greener on the other side, why not just water yours more and get some damn fertilizer?


__What if my life is a movie? Who’s watching, and what songs are playing? Dear God, I hope there’s no Nickelback in the soundtrack, and I hope it isn’t a Lifetime film.

__What if Mario is just imagining the whole thing about himself going to the Mushroom Kingdom and rescuing a princess from an evil turtle. I mean, he’s always eating ‘shrooms and smashing his head against bricks.

__Why do barbecue restaurants like to use pigs in their logos? A pig would be the last guy to publicly endorse a barbecue restaurant.

__Is reincarnation real?


__Waking up early can’t be healthy, so who decided that you have to choose between waking up early and starving to death because you didn’t do your freaking job?

__Who’s to say that the first unicellular life forms didn’t arrive on a meteor that crashed to Earth? It’s theoretically possible.

__If you do a handstand, is your head still at the top of your body?

__Why is it that the foods we love more than anything else are the foods that are high in fat and literally killing us?


__And finally, what if everyone sees colors differently from me?


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